Saturday, February 2, 2013



Tonight I decided to make a creamy chicken sausage and spaghetti recipe. I used the Three Cheese Italian Style Chicken sausage for this recipe. This is a very tasty and EASY to make! Johnsonville and Buzzagent provided me with a coupon for a FREE package just to try! My family just loved this dish! Nothing was left.

You can find Johnsonville Chicken Sausage at any Kroger.

  •  Available in four perfectly seasoned flavors: Apple, Chipotle Monterey Jack Cheese, Three Cheese Italian 
  • Style and Cajun Style Fully cooked for quick prep on your grill, stove top or in the microwave 
  • Contains no trans fats and no added MSG Sold for a suggested price of $4.59 at the Kroger family of stores
If you are interested in this recipe, here you go!! It takes about 30 minutes,.


1 Package of Three Cheese Italian Chicken Sausage
1/2 package of baby spinach
Classico Vodka Sauce
Package of Spaghetti

Cook pasta as directed on box. In a sauce pan, cook the sausage first. Make sure it's cooked all the way. Then cut up in to smaller bite size pieces. Add spinach and saute for about 3 minutes until the spinach is smaller and water is gone. Add 1 jar of Vodka Sauce. Let simmer. 

Combine pasta with your sauce and serve with your favorite garlic bread!!

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